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Aunt Maggie's Mojo OR The Devil in Angel Brown

by Patricia R. Corbett


Aunt Maggie's Mojo OR The Devil in Angel Brown is a story that follows five generations of women with a 'gift' that has most often perceived as a curse or ‘the devil’. Her niece Angel has a gift, but is in danger of losing it and maybe even her life. As an experienced healer and lone keeper of family secrets, Aunt Maggie desires to save Angel from a cycle of insanity and violence so that she may change the course of their family history. In Aunt Maggie's Mojo OR The Devil in Angel Brown, paths converge, secrets are revealed and familial ties are reconnected. What lies beneath the surface of truth? A troubled detective is drawn to finding the answers. READ EXCERPT









Perils of a Southern Black Woman

A One Woman Show

by Patricia R. Corbett


How does it feel to be in a love hate relationship? Ask a black lesbian from the South. Based on the  critical analysis The Perils of a Southern Black Woman, the one woman show, Perils of a Southern Black Woman is a collection of short stories about living in the South. Through a “sermonesque” performance that implores poetry, essay, song, and extemporaneous discourse about race, religion and gender, Perils of a Southern Black Woman celebrates  blackness, strength, resilience, love, and the contradictory existence of being Black, queer, and American. Who better to poetically tell the story of protest and survival in America than the daughter of a Civil Rights activist, Baptist preacher, and teacher than a Southern black gender-nonconforming lesbian warrior artist.


Perils of a Southern Black Woman is a hallelujah church shout out to the ancestors and a reminder today's generations and future generations to never forget the past. SANKOFA!



Photo by Reuban Radding

 An Awful Wicked Thing: Somebody Must Die

by Patricia R. Corbett


An Awful Wicked Thing: Somebody Has to Die is theatrical production in its early research and developmental stages. The play presents the meeting of 1912 convicted murderer Virginia Christian with a woman on death row in the 2012. Both women are black and both were convicted of murdering white woman. The play moves between the 20th and 21st centuries and poses imperative questions about the criminal justice system, the politics of feminism and the impact of violence. Christian was the first black woman and remains the ONLY woman to be executed in the state of Virginia.



Virginia Christian

First woman executed in the State of VA


Calling to the Dead: A Cemetery Project

by Patricia R. Corbett


Calling to the Dead is an ongoing artistic endeavor that explores the themes of death, re-membering and ancestral connection. Meditative writing and photography are inspired and created through ongoing visits to various cemeteries and mausoleums locally, nationally and internationally. The environment of the cemetery is used to contemplate, reflect and connect with the spirits of the dead. This project is ever evolving and continues to be an exploration guided by spiritual and universal forces.


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