ANSWERING THE CALL OF MY PEOPLE: Captured Fractured Buried Excavated Reassembled Set Free

photos by Reuben Radding


How does it feel to be in a love hate relationship with your country, your community, and your people? Ask a black woman from the South. Perils of a Southern Black Woman: stories, tales, and nightmares told in the light is a one woman show that weaves through the complex issues of race, religion, and gender. This collection examines life as seen through the eyes of the daughter of a Civil Rights activist, Baptist preacher, and teacher. Through a “sermonesque” performance that implores commentary, poetry, and extemporaneous discourse, the show celebrates blackness, strength, resilience, love, and the contradictory existence of being Black and American. Perils of a Southern Black Woman: stories, tales, and nightmare told in the light is a hallelujah church shout out to the ancestors and a reminder today's generations and future generations to never forget the past. 

Perils of a Southern Black  Woman:

 stories, tales, and nightmares told in the light

inspired by the life, activism, and voice of a

Father, Brother, Street Preacher, Hoodlem Priest, Church Disturber

Reverend Dr. Linwood (Benjamin Israel) Corbett, Sr.

in loving memory of My Father

Daddy and me at the studio producing 
Moments of Awakening
WCLM radio, Richmond, VA 

Perils of a Southern Black Woman

Goddard College Performance February 2, 2018


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